We celebrate 50 years of friendship05/21/2021

Started in 1971 by three visionaries from England, Denmark and Germany, the Parlex Group of European lawyers, this year celebrating its 50th anniversary, has grown to a well-established network of renowned law firms from all over Europe and the rest of the world. With its 30 members the Parlex Group provides immediate access to legal specialists all over the world to ensure our clients have access to the best legal services.

The network is based on quality, friendship and trust -something we experience every time when we hold meetings or work together on cases and transactions. Before the pandemic physical meetings were held twice a year. To stay in touch we now hold remote meetings four times a year. That said, we all look forward to being able to meet in person again.

The physical meetings are hosted by one of the members and during those meetings the members discuss legal issues and developments that are relevant for the legal practice. Members share experiences on managing law firms and learn from each other in many other ways.

It’s great to be part of the Parlex family.