Weitnauer stands for Finance, Technology, Transactions and provides legal advice  to businesses and individuals domestically and abroad.

Financing is a prerequisite for successful development of business ideas and inventions. We advise our clients in realizing financing- and participation projects as well as in observing regulatory requirements.

Technology determines the success of the business. We focus on the life sciences and IT-industries. We assist in all legal matters involved in the protection and commercialization of technology.

Businesses expand through acquisitions. Investors ensure their return by the sale of their participations. We provide advice in both investment and exit scenarios.

We are committed to providing personal advice  to our clients. Key values defining our work are expertise and experience, dynamics, entrepreneurial thinking, team spirit, a close and direct relationship with the client, highest quality and short turn-around times, as well as a client friendly fee policy.

Our team of internationally educated business lawyers and tax advisors enables us to offer comprehensive advice from a single source and to successfully conclude  large scale projects in close cooperation with our client without frictional losses. Besides German, our daily working languages  include English and French as well as Portuguese and Hungarian. 




Ohmstraße 7
80802 München

Französische Straße 13
10117 Berlin

Neuer Wall 84
20354 Hamburg

Turley-Platz 6
68167 Mannheim


+49 89 38 39 95-0 (Munich) / +49 30 230 96 77-0 (Berlin) / +49 40 229 40 43-0 (Hamburg) / +49 62 21 72 91 30-0 (Mannheim)
Wolfgang Weitnauer (Munich)
+49 89 38 39 95-0
Tilman Mueller-Stoefen (Hamburg)
+49 40 32 89 075-0
Hans-Eric Rasmussen-Bonne (Berlin)
+49 30 230 96 77-0
Kai Grunwald (Mannheim)
+49 62 21 121 826-0