Kende, Molnár-Bíró, Katona Ügyvédi Társulás

Kende, Molnár-Bíró, Katona Attorneys-at-Law (KMBK) was founded by way of cooperating law firms.

The Firm has overall professional experience in all significant fields of business law and mostly provides general legal services to foreign investors being present in Hungary and to multinational enterprises, but also to Hungarian large corporations, governmental organs and local governments alike. Client-representation is carried out by concerted work of our associates.

The outstanding professional experience of our team is a token of being able to represent our clients in long term and to provide them with high level legal assistance in line with their specific needs that helps them to exclude, reduce or handle the legal risks they have to face in the course of their activities. From its establishment the Firm has a strict policy to engage only client oriented, problem sensitive colleagues having excellent professional knowledge. Our lawyers and trainees provide services in Hungarian, English, German and French languages.



1118 Budapest, Villányi út 47.


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Dr. István János Molnár
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Dr. György Molnár-Bíró
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