Client Care Charter


Client Care Charter

Parlex Group members are committed to a clearly defined set of client care standards so clients know exactly what to expect from us. We want your experience across our international network of firms to be a positive one in terms of quality, outcomes, care and attention. Therefore we make sure that:

  • We listen to you
    We invest a great deal of time and effort to understand you, your business, the sector in which your business operates and any challenges you are faced with so that our advice is relevant, commercially viable and of value to you.

  • You feel part of our team
    We want our relationship to be collaborative, constructive and long-standing. Therefore maintaining an open dialogue during and between engagements is important to us. To do a good job for you, we need each other’s input and feedback.

  • We connect you to the right people
    Through our international referral network, we connect our clients to the cross-border resources they need to meet the challenges of an evolving interdependent business community. As independent law firms, we are also open to working with other professionals you want us to work with.

  •  We scope your work appropriately
    We match our resources to your needs and preferences. At the outset, we agree the scope, timescales and appropriate staffing levels of each project with you and you can hold us to that. We explain clearly the steps you can expect from us and update you regularly on progress as the matter proceeds.

  •  You will find us available, approachable and professional
    We respond to client phone calls, emails and letters promptly and appropriately. We make sure that you get to the right person easily and quickly and that there is always someone to deal with your query whenever it arises. We always look for ways to improve our service and to go above and beyond expectations.

  •  We are flexible and resourceful
    Even the best managed projects or matters are susceptible to unexpected issues and change. We will endeavour to anticipate these and will always be open with you about how this may impact you. We will be flexible and resourceful in meeting new challenges and try to be creative where appropriate.

  • Our fees and billing are fair and clear
    We make our pricing structures and billing practices transparent, timely and accurate. We lay out our costs at the start of a project and provide regular updates throughout.